Consistently deliver a pleasant payment & checkout experience

Quicker Payments, Contributions & Checkouts

With countless use cases, Scan2Pay ensures that your clients and contributors not only have a quick payment, contribution or checkout experience, but an easier one as well.


Working on multiple platforms seamlessly, this feature ensures that your payment link can be used across different devices to consistently perform payment processes without inconveniencing your clients and contributors. It is now possible to trade and interact with you without having to fuss too much over countless processes. A guided, stress and error free process that's painless and error-free.


A key component of uniqueness is having a way to make your brand stand out. A Scan2Pay code ensures that all customers and contributors that access your payment link will ultimately still get redirected back to what you want seen, appreciated or paid for. There's no need to change the provider that you are already working with.


As you grow and diversify, ease of payment processing for both yourself and your customers and contributors will remain key. Having more clients accessing your services easily and making payments and contributions quicker will provide a satisfying experience and keep convenience as key to your workflow. Confirmations and checkouts can be quickly managed and reconciled, fast, accurate and with little to no contact.

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Consistently deliver a pleasant payment & checkout experience.