Group Payment Links

Simpler & Quicker Group Payments, Contributions & Fundraisers

Contributions, Connected.

A PesaExpress™ Payment Link comes as different permutations that handle the varying dynamics of groups payments and contributions - easier and more transparently.


Whether it is over a short time for a sudden event or emergency, or a longer fundraising or group contribution setup, you'd want to have the peace of mind and confidence that you will have your funds available whenever you need them and as painlessly as possible. Contributors will not need to memorize anything. It's there for everyone to access and interact with.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that require pooling of funds - fundraising or "harambee". This can often turn out to be a painful and clumsy aspect if not handled quickly, correctly and transparently.

Having a PesaExpress™ Payment Link means that this can be done through one channel, quicker and more transparently. What's more, privacy, a critical aspect for this process, is enhanced and adhered to.

Group Collaboration & Contributions

Group dynamics play a huge role in our lives. Contributions come in as one critical aspect. The closeness of a group of like-minded people means that contributions and investments may come into play.

And, this is where PesaExpress™ comes in. You do not have to be located in one physical location. All contributions can be done from any location, and this will be immediately available for the group to assess and utilize. All done through one consistent, never-changing and ubiquitous PesaExpress™ Payment Link, exclusive for your group as well!

Ready to get your group on to PesaExpress™?

Build a painless contributions experience for you and your contributors.