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Simpler & Quicker Personal Financial Management

Payments, Processed.

A PesaExpress™ Payment Link comes as different permutations that best fit one area or another of your transactional lifestyle.

Budgeting & Payment Management

Whether you'd like to have quick billing or a scenario where a bill can be split, or paid over time, a PesaExpress™ Link gives you the flexibility to run your business however you want.

Budgeting and cashflow tracking makes sense with more responsibility each day. This means that on a personal level, having a means to track expenses is critical in having a better personal financial outlook.

Having a PesaExpress™ Payment Link means that you can have a way for you - privately & discreetly - to create budget and track payments from anywhere.

Gifts & Surprises

The logistics of gifts and their delivery and presentation to the ones we hold dear may not always be possible. However, an e-value gift sent with a personalized message always wonders. It convers a message that you care and that you are thinking about them.

A PesaExpress™ Payment Link is a simple and plain-free way of doing this without this quickly and conveniently.

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