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Airtime Disbursals
Quickly & Seamlessly

PesaExpress™ is a web app that enables anyone to send, receive, and pay for goods and services with the tap of a button.

Discover PesaExpress™ Get Airtime

Uniquely Yours

Different perspectives that resonate with your dynamic requirements and perspectives, curated with simplicity and convenience in mind.

Ease Convenience

Better Business

Scaling your business should now be a natural progression, now that you have already taken care of a key aspect of your business. Realtime visibility and reporting now means that you can make quicker and more informed decisions without needing to worry about accuracy and completeness of transactions.

eCommerce + mCommerce + Web Checkouts

Quicker Chama Group Contributions

Having a clear, accurate, transparent contributions experience for your group members means that they have the peace of mind and that their trust grows.

Friends + Family + Togetherness

Flexible Fundraising

Having an immersive and more flexible payments experience for your supporters and contributors means that they have the freedom to make partial payments or get rewarded for something you value them for.

Loyalty + Support + Flexibility for you + your supporters + contributors

How It Works

A PesaExpress™ Payment Link enables you to save, send, receive, make and process payments from your customers, friends and contributors. The setup is as simple and quick.

  • Create a PesaExpress™ Payment Link

    We connect to all major payment gateways

    Create + Customize + Register

    You will need to create a unique link that identifies your business. This will be your unique identifier that can be shared across different messaging platforms and social media.

  • Share

    Spread the Word

    Spread the Word

    You may now proceed to share your link on social media and anywhere else. Anyone who accesses the link can now make payments to you in one simple step. Make your shop, fundraiser or personal PesaExpress™ Payment Link page known on social media platforms and through personal messaging platforms too.

  • Process Payments

    Start Sending & Accepting Payments Faster

    Make It Happen

    Start accepting, processing payments and managing payment transactions through your PesaExpress™ Payment Link simply, easily and more securely.

  • Clarity Begins

    You can now focus on your core business

    We Support Your Transaction Monitoring

    You can now check on your business, cause or platform. The progress, the wins, the improvements and the achievements in real time can be quantified in realtime

  • Feedback

    Daily, weekly, monthly or however often you need it

    In-Depth Performance Reports

    You will also receive feedback on the services offered, inquiries on something from your customers and contributors and compare these with your goals and targets


We came across of a lot of payment processing scenarios. We thought we'd help make them simpler for you


Visual Payment cues without having to make huge investments for you or your customers and contributors means that you not only make transactions simpler to follow-up on, but that the experience on making them is less cumbersome and error-prone.


Leveraging on already existing technologies to make payments more private and personalized while at the same time involving less input from your customers and contributors; Concentrating more on the swiftness of payments and delivering seamlessness in the whole experience in general.

Online POS + Checkout

Having access to your shop from your device means that your business is not only mobile and flexible, but also scalable and accessible. It means that you can continue to find the right fit consistently and pivot with ease.


A great advantage that you will discover is the transparency that your contributions have, irrespective of the size of your group. This ensures that you not only make quick decisions, but are also able to know what your current financial position is and make plans early enough.


Whether it is over a short time for a sudden event or emergency, or a longer fundraising or group contribution setup, you'd want to have the peace of mind and confidence that you will have your funds available whenever you need them and as painlessly as possible. Contributors will not need to memorize anything. It's there for everyone to access and interact with.


Getting you to interact with your those that matter to you faster, with better transparency and accountability. Having a means to send, receive and transact value with your group of friends, acquaintances, colleagues, well-wishers or supporters without necessarily needing to be in the same space or vicinity is a great way to connect and trust.


Payment Processing.


Here are some answers to some questions that you may have.

  • Why would I need a PesaExpress™ Link?

    Ease of Collection & Accountability.

    We have basically created a means for your customers to quickly make payments to your business, engagement or cause. We have incorporated reporting, payment scheduling and payment splitting too.

  • Can I use the platform without getting a PesaExpress™ Link?

    Yes. Yes, you can.

    If you just want to see your transactions on a report, have them sent to you or just shown in greater detail, or plan out a means of saving for a cause or paying for something in a couple of months, you can. .

  • Can I get a PesaExpress™ Link later?


    If you decide to get a PesaExpress™ Link later, then we'll be here to make your payment collections easier.

Purchase Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom Airtime from Wherever you are. No Extra Charges

Airtime on Subscription

You can opt to subscribe to our airtime subscription service to receive airtime to phone numbers of your choice. We will not charge you anything extra. Send to as many phone numbers as you'd like, however often you'd like it done.

Purchase Airtime Even With Fuliza

You can get airtime, even when you have a Fuliza loan. No need to create an account.

Who Is Using PesaExpress™?

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Ready to unleash the power of PesaExpress™ got your product,cause or shop?